It’s The White Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

Anybody remember Halloween last year? I do–I painted a pumpkin to look like "Spongebob Squarepants". Well, this year I painted our pumpkin to look like Sesame Street’s "Elmo". It didn’t turn out great. I used tempura paints–never used ’em before, and this seemed like a good medium for them. It looks like Elmo but… Just relatively uninteresting.
Alisha’s mom brought over her pumpkin–which just happened to be one of those freaky-looking all-white pumpkins. My first thought (which I still think is a very good one) was to paint it up like a Cornhuskers football helmet, but her mother is not exactly a Husker fan. So, while I could have done it, it would not have been very well embraced. So… I thought, "white pumpkin… skull!" From there, Alisha tracked down the skull-shaped shot glasses I bought off the clearance aisle a few years back and just applied that look to the pumpkin. Black tempura paint, and the results were much smoother than the attempt at Elmo had been. Not sure why, but it looks a lot better than that one did.
So why paint pumpkins instead of carve them? Well… I think that stems back to my childhood. My parents must have had a keen sense of intuition and perceived an inherent danger with me and sharp objects. Considering the amount of "sharp object" related scars I have, their fears were not unfounded. At any rate… Dad always painted a pair of pumpkins on Halloween for my sister and I. Ernie and Bert, Charlie Brown, a funny guy with a hat–these are some of the pumpkins I remember.
So… Starting last October–with fatherhood right around the corner–I guess I picked up the brush and started my own pumpkin painting tradition. I hope it lasts.
It’s not exactly a scale model, but it involved paint–and it was very rewarding.

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