Happy Birthday to Me?

I haven’t been working on any models lately. No motivation for it whatsoever. I think that because the last few projects I’ve completed (or nearly completed) were under deadlines that I’m feelin’ a bit burnt out. So, not counting the pumpkins, I haven’t really done anything lately other than read, lay in the recliner, and play some video games. I know, I know: "What are you, 12?" I just need the break from the hobby so I can come back to it with some renewed energy.
In the meantime, there was Halloween and my birthday. My daughter’s first Halloween was a riot. We just borrowed a pink fairy costume from our next door neighbor, and showed her off to the grandparents and a few select friends of the family. She didn’t like the headpiece much, but was extraordinarily tolerant for being less than nine months old.
A couple days after that was my birthday–which was just about the best birthday I’ve ever had. Alisha spent days working on my cake, and came up with something that’s definitely on the level of the "Ace of Cakes". A few months back, she asked me what I wanted for a birthday cake. Completely clueless, I answered back "a cheeseburger". And… A cheeseburger cake is exactly what I got. She figured out how to make fondant, and created a giant–delicious–cake that looked like a cheeseburger (let’s call it a 3:1 scale edible model–that makes it a more appropriate entry for the blog).
At any rate, that’s what this entry was all about anyways… Me not modeling, and Alisha making a huge and tasty model of a cheeseburger. I’m sure I’ll get back to scale modeling shortly. For now, I’m just enjoying the break.

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