Back In The Saddle? Again?

Well, it looks like I’m ready to start a model again. I think the extra-long delay was just due to me being burned out. I imposed stupid deadlines on myself and then actually followed through on them. The moral of the story is that it’s good to get away every once in awhile. And when you finally want to return to the workbench… Well… That’s probably the time to get going on things again.
And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. What you see in the image there is actually a trio of projects I’m going to start working on, somewhat simultaneously. All of them are 1/20, and all of them are at least directly inspired by the "Maschinen Krieger" (Ma.K.) line, but none of them are exactly canon, either.
First up, on the far right, we have a resin kit from last summer’s WonderFestival: the "Wannabe Gans" by garage kit (GK) maker "THAT". While the standard (plastic) Gans kit is probably well over 100 pieces (and has recently been re-issued by Wave!), this kit settles in around a dozen large pieces or so. In terms of instructions, all I have is a picture of the finished product. And that’s fine. This is a very straightforward build. I just need to clean up the bountiful amounts of flash, fix the many bubbles in the resin, and add some parts to it to make it a little more detailed and less generic. As of last night, I’ve got all the parts soaking in "Purple Power" degreaser to get all of the mold release off the parts–which thereby makes paint stick better.
Next up, sitting more-or-less in the middle of the workbench was a Nitto Fliege. I say "was" because I bought this kit from a friend of mine–who was kind enough to sell it after he’d done some initial work on it. My logic being that if I bought a kit that was already started, I’d be less likely to "collect" it and more likely to build–and it worked. Unfortunately, the most distinguishing feature of the Fliege (in my opinion) is the canopy and that’s been covered up with a sort-of odd putty. It’s been very expertly shaped to look like it’s supposed to be there, however, so I’m not going to have any problem doing something with it. Although the Fliege is supposed to be a space-based suit, there is a fan design of a ground-based variant: the Nixe. I’m going to attempt to do something similar with this kit. Probably end up calling it the "Ground Fliege/Nixe prototype" or something. Because the canopy is completely covered up, I’d like to display it with an open hatch, but we’ll see how that goes. If I don’t display it open hatch, I’ll most likely put something on the display base with it–a person or another suite.
The third build is going to take care of that Wave "A.F.S." that’s been sitting around the workbench for probably a year now. Because I couldn’t come up with anything interesting to do with it (and believe me–I brainstormed till my cells misfired), I’m taking the whole thing apart and applying it to a different kit. To be exact, a friend of mine in Italy made a conversion kit based on another fan creation. He calls it the "hard boiled" conversion. To see a ridiculously good build-up of it, click here. Mine won’t be nearly that good, but it will, at least, get off my workbench this way.
So that’s where I’m working towards right now. I’ll update as appropriate. For now, it’s good to be back.

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