“Wannabe Gans” – Reviewed

I’m still working on that kit, but I haven’t taken any new pictures. In the meantime, I just wrote a review of the kit for the Ma.K. forums… 
1/20 "Wannabe Gans" by THAT
Scale – 1/20
Type of material – Resin
Number of parts – 12
Decals -No
Instructions – Not exactly
Overall quality – Average-to-good
Overall accuracy – Good?
Date of release – 2008

Overall Quality: There’s a lot of air bubbles present throughout the kit that need to be fixed. There’s also some minor flash issues on most pieces, but that just takes some time with sandpaper to address. While parts alignment on most parts is fine, the two pieces that make up the head do not align well, and some modification will need to be made to fit these parts together (I just sanded the inside edge of the bottom part until it lined up).

Overall Accuracy: This is a tough one to judge… I have not built the Wave Gans, but I do have a copy of that kit. Comparing the parts side-by-side to the Wannabe parts, the size & proportions are accurate to the Gans, but the donor parts appear to be somewhat different. I think this ultimately serves to compliment the originality of the head and make the whole thing a somewhat more original design.

Also note that, in the photo to the right (which came with the kit), the parts are simplified from the parts of the Wave Gans. The legs are missing much of the "fiddly bits" that make up the Gans. For a more Ma.K. look, these parts will either need to be scrounged or re-created.

In General: You get what you pay for here–and I think this thing sold for roughly $50 at WF. As mentioned above, there’s casting issues and simplification of parts, so this may not be a good "beginner" kit. There’s also no instructions–just a picture of a single view of the finished product. Considering the low parts, this isn’t a big deal. Some folks could probably pull it off just as easy without the picture. Not me, necessarily, but some folks. 

The only other thing I’ll note is that the railgun that you mount to the side of the head is solid and heavy. If you were to use this part, it will most likely require additional pins in the head to keep it from lulling to one side.

This isn’t a typical Gans, nor is it intended to be. Instead, this is a somewhat original variant from a GK maker with history of making interesting variants. While I think everyone here loves the original kits, I would hope THAT continues to make these great little variations. These kits definitely need some tender lovin’ care (TLC), but I suspect the end results will be worth it. They’re also made to sell–typically selling at WF for around $50 USD, I believe.

In conclusion, As gigantic as this kit is, I think that–even with the flaws–it’s a bargain at this price.

My In-Progress build
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Thanks to the I.H.Y.S.C. contingent (Dr. Tak) at WonderFest for making it possible to get this kit in my corner of the world.


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