More Progress on the Gans…

I made some progress on the Gans-thing while my better half played "The Simpsons" on my Xbox. Even better, I dug out the good camera to take the pictures:

Basically, I was just adding on bits and pieces wherever I saw fit. There’s a few pieces from that 1/35 Bulldog, and there’s a lot of plain ol’ styrene. I put a small piece of mechaskunk mesh on the engine "deck"(?), just to dress it up. I also hit that other spot, below the head, with Mr. Surfacer 500–having missed it on the first go-around with that stuff. Oh, and note that I’m still planning on using that pair of missile tubes. I’d just fiddled with the part enough where it wouldn’t stay in the proper position, due to weight and gravity. So I just left that off until I’m ready to use adhesive to keep it in place.

The leg springs are taken care of, as well. For that, I actually used a set of Kotobukiya "modeling support goods". There was one piece that was the large spring and another piece that had two very close attachement points. I’m not sure if that’s what they intended all along, but I cut the piece with the attachment points in half and glued one part on the top of the spring and the other part on the bottom. The result is something that ends up looking very close to the Gans springs. And that was the whole reason I bought the Kotobukiya set to begin with, so it gets to fulfill its purpose.

I still need to do the hydraulic hoses, but I already know how I’m going to handle that (tubing from the 1/12 moto kit + styrene rod + paperclip). I also need to do the leg armor–and I know how I’m going to handle most of that (ping pong balls and a motorcycle fender?). There’s also still the mechanical details on the front of the feet, which I don’t have a firm direction on yet. And I need to add some fiddly bits to the front of the "body", to make it more Gans-like. Finally, there’s the matter of the space that needs to be filled below the head. I have two different ideas there, and hopefully I’ll have something to show on one of them soon.

… And I would have gotten more done, but a friend of mine introduced FichtenFoo and I to "Team Fortress 2" on Saturday, so I killed ALL my free time on Sunday with that.  

So, there’s been a lot done. There’s certainly still a ways to go, but I’m pleased with the progress thus far.


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