An Update on the Gans-Thing

I’ve been putting in a little bit of work on this kit here and there (when I’m not fragging the hell out of people on Xbox Live). The legs are really starting to look decent. I’ve also picked up a lot of positive comments and suggestions which I’ll be implementing into the build.
Quick update: I snapped a couple of pictures (with the #$% cell phone) at lunch, so I can now briefly talk about the progress. First, there’s that picture on the right…

I did a little bit of work on the top of the head (which you obviously can’t see), but also did some detailing work to the legs. First, thanks to a suggestion I received, I cut a 1/12 motorcycle handlebar in half, and stuck those on the feet. Next, I took some more pieces off that 1/35 Bulldog tank to guide the cable that goes from the feet up the legs, eventually ending up "plugging in" to the underside of the Gans. For the cable, I just used some soldering wire. Perfect size, and extremely easy to work with. Finally, I took the front fender from that same motorcycle kit and cut them up to use as "pads" on the top of the leg joints.

With the addition of the ping pong armor and a little more fiddly bits around those handlebar pieces, construction of the legs should be just about done. After that, I need to turn my attention to the area underneath the head (blurry reference picture) and figure out the best way to fill that space. Missile tubes are out. I don’t want another weapons system on here. Whatever it is, it should really come out from the sides of that piece under the "head". Even that picture doesn’t do justice to how odd it looks with nothing there. It looks like a chicken that swallowed a can of tuna. I’m certainly open to suggestions here, as what I’ve brainstormed really doesn’t seem to work.

… So progress hasn’t been steady, but there has been progress. I’m really pleased with the way this thing is starting to look. The foundation for a great looking piece was there. It just needed a lot of love, plastic, steel, solder, and super glue to bring out its inner beauty. I don’t know if this thing will be making an appearance in any contests this year, but hopefully it will catch a few eyes if it does.


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