Really? Does This Count?

I may be back doing some scale modeling. Or… I may just be fooling myself. Regardless, it’s been a long time. Life’s been busy. Been working on the 1:1 scale model in the basement (going as far as applying paint), and been playing the hell out of Team Fortress 2, among other things. There’s other stuff going on as well, but… This is a mostly impersonal scale modeling blog. I’ll save the other bits for Facebook.
So… I’ve been away from scale modeling for two months or more. Unfortunately, in the scale modeling world, it’s contest season. And there’s a lot of contests going on. Although it has the least validation for me, the HobbyTown USA National Model Contest (Spring version) is this Saturday. And that’s the best chance each year to show what you can do to the "locals". Not only that, but it can potentially get folks interested in modeling or get modelers interested in our local IPMS Club. So it’s a big deal. And I really haven’t done a thing since the HTUSA fall contest last year.
My solution is to blow the dust off some half-completed models and see if I can scramble to get them done before Friday. I know the contest is Saturday, but–due to other employment obligations–I’m dropping my models off on Friday night and probably picking them up sometime late on Saturday. First on the list is that silly P-47 egg plane. I didn’t manage to take any pictures of it last night, but–with luck–I’ll have something to post tomorrow.
And with all the other contests gearing up in the next month, I need to get off the Xbox and get back to modeling. We’ll see how that goes by the regularity of my posts here. Am I back? I have no idea…

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