P-47 Egg Plane: FINISHED

In a move that somewhat surprised myself, I pulled a nearly-all-niter and knocked out the egg plane. It was not quite an all-niter, because I think I had nearly three hours of sleep when all was said and done. Of course, it was spaced out over the course of the night. Regardless, I finished a model for the first time in months. And I have this crappy cell phone picture to prove it.
In the end, I realize I had most of the construction done prior to last night, and virtually nothing else–other than the engine–painted. So… Most of last night was spent either painting or waiting for paint to dry. And then waiting for lacquer to dry. And then, trying to get those "54" markings on the side without wrinkles or getting the stupid yellow stripe markings to line up. As it turns out, I somewhat failed at that as the wing stripes don’t line up from top to bottom on one side. But that’s a mistake I can live with at this point. If I’ve got a few extra minutes late this afternoon, I may try to fix that a,bit but this–along with several other models–is headed over to HobbyTown tonight so they can at least be displayed during their National Model Contest tomorrow.
On the plus side, I worked through two movies and several TV episodes on my Netflix "instant queue", via the Xbox360, so there was no shortage of entertainment. On the downside, I fell asleep during a third movie, and ended up having to stay awake afterwards to try to get the decals finished up. Because of the alignment of the stripes and just the general shape of the fuselage, the decals took the better part of an hour to apply (or over two full episodes of "Fawlty Towers" on Netflix).
In the end, this is a cute little kit, with serious fit issues and the finished product is a far cry from perfect. Nonetheless, it’s done. I can cross one more half-finished kit off the backlog and try to move back into scale modeling as time allows. After all, it’s contest season. I’ve got trophies to try to win.

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