Trying Something Different

This year, the local IPMS Club is having a "Ship Happens" kit contest. Basically, if it has anything to do with water, it’s an eligible model. I was one of the people pushing for this contest because I’ve never done a model of a ship, so I was looking to expand my horizons. And… They called me out on it. So now I find myself with a small assortment of ship models and the goal is to get at least one of them finished by October.
To start out with, I’m tackling the Hasegawa 1/700 waterline (as in, "no detail below the waterline") model of the WWII-era Imperial Japanese Navy battlecruiser Hiei. I won’t tackle the history of it here, but it’s interesting to note that the original ship–though upgraded/refitted several times–was designed by the British in 1913. For more history, click here for the Wikipedia page.
I’m not very far into it, but the pieces are very small, and the whole thing looks to be time-consuming. Not necessarily in a bad way, but I may "sink" (no pun intended) quite a bit of time into this thing. Progress (and pictures) will follow…

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