Moving Forward on the 1/700 Hiei Battlecruiser

Well, I spent most of the last week out of town, so I haven’t been around the workbench. I did put in a little time last night, though. Essentially, this amounted to gluing together the two smokestacks on the Hiei and adding the weight to the hull piece–oh, and snapping a fuzzy in-progress shot.
I also made the mistake of doing a little research online last night, which made me realize that there’s much better examples in 1/700 of the Hiei than anything I could hope to produce. That, alone, was almost enough to stop me from progressing on it, but I realized that I’m really doing this to learn about ship models more than anything else. As such, I’ll just keep pecking at it until it’s finished. This is, after all, my first ship model–ever–so it will be the foundation of knowledge for whatever comes afterwards. Although it kinda makes me wish my first ship model had been a Dragon "Smart Kit" instead…

2 Responses to Moving Forward on the 1/700 Hiei Battlecruiser

  1. Did you or are you planning to hand paint this using Tamiya Paints? If so any pointers as I have been told using them for hand painting is a no go, but have found your post about using them to hand paint. Any info, tips or tricks you have would be great. Keep them coming.

    • zerobxu says:

      I know most people frown on using Tamiya acryls for hand-painting, but I think it’s just a matter of using what you feel comfortable with. And I genuinely feel like my brush strokes are better–and I can get the paint to do more of what I want–with Tamiya acryls than with other acryls and enamels I’ve tried. It’s one of those “your mileage may vary” things. Advice? Try different brands and see what works best for you. Just don’t judge a brand by their “metallic” paints–those are all over the board, in terms of consistency.

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