Heinrich… From Scratch… Again

(a.k.a. "The Put-Up-Or-Shut-Up Build")
I recently railed someone on a modeling message board because he was whining about the lack of available (in production) Maschinen Krieger kits on the market. In particular, the "ground" suits. Well… Against my better judgment, I suggested that he either patiently wait for Wave to issue new kits or build his own PKA H0/H1 ("Heinrich"); going as far as to detail some of the major parts requirements. As expected, he called me a "troll" and my suggestions fell on deaf ears.
Well, I decided to put my money where my mouth is… I’m taking another 1/48 helicopter, a member of the Tamiya 1/20 Pit Crew, and I’m going to build another Heinrich. Mostly from scratch. It’s occurred to me that I have the most trouble with the legs when I try to tackle these. The torsos and arms I can handle. In fact, on this one I’m probably going to scratch-build the hands, too. But the legs always give me fits. So I’m going to mold and re-cast Gustav and SAFS legs–for personal use only–for this, and upcoming builds. Hopefully, this is a long-term solution to an ongoing problem.
I’ll post more details on the thing soon, but for now, I’ve got the picture of the chopped "choppa" and the resculpted pit crew figure. Just to be different, I actually removed the rotor housing portion from the torso and I’m doing a mild re-sculpt of the pilot. The removal of the rotor housing from the toros left a big, gaping hole right up the center. I "braced" it with a piece of sprue, backed it with a small (cut to size) piece of styrene, and filled in the rest with Milliput. The Milliput still needs to be sanded smooth, but so far, so good. The pilot started out with hair, which I sanded off–trying to get roughly the contour of a bald head. I also trimmed 15-20% off the ears and shortened the overhang(?) of his nose. Finally, I added some Milliput (for lack of suitable materials) to the chin to broaden things up a bit.

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