Ma.K.: Three-For-One Edition

Over the past few days, I’ve been bouncing between two different Maschinen Krieger kits. Last night, I actually upped that to three kits being worked on semi-simultaneously.
  • The Gustav: I don’t know how many months ago I started this, but it’s actually moving towards completion now. I need to clean up the seams on the arms, create some sort of "engine" to put behind the pilot, re-cast the head I want to put in there, and just be done with it. While this particular Gustav is being built out-of-box (OOB), I’m never going to build one this way again. The joints are awful and barely articulated. This severely limits what I can do for a final pose. I think this guy will be standing at rest–because that’s about all he can do.
  • The Heinrich scratch-build: This is coming along very slowly. I picked up some parts I needed for it this weekend, and I’m about ready to make molds on the Gustav legs so I can re-cast those and use them with the Heinrich. The three biggest stumbling blocks with this guy are (1) His "engine" – I still need to come up with what’s going on his back. It’s looking like it may be a scratch-built 2-stroke looking engine (like the Gans). (2) His weapon. I’m scratch-building that and still pouring over the reference images trying to get it somewhat accurate to the source material. (3) His display base. While it’s not the biggest or most intricate, it’s certainly the biggest one I’ve worked on in a while. And it’s definitely going to be the tallest. Did I mention I’m making it out of wood?
  • A not-quite-new S.A.F.S.: A while back (over a year now, I believe), a friend of mine was kind enough to send me a hodge-podge of Ma.K. kits and kit parts. Amongst all that was a complete S.A.F.S. kit–just not all matching sprues… or in a box… or with any instructions or decals. Considering all the treasures he sent, I still consider it a great bargain. While I’m not quite read to dive into that build yet, I’m definitely going to need to make copies of the SAFS legs, too… So I threw those together last night. Once the seams are cleaned up, I’ll put together a mold box and create molds for the Gustav and SAFS legs. And once I’ve got that, I should be able to have some real fun scratch-building. O’ the ideas I have…
And that’s the workbench. I’m hoping the leg casting works out okay, as these are just a pain in the butt to scratch-build. And mine always end up looking like ass. So nearly anything is an improvement. I’ve also got at least three torsos in need of legs, so this will be a real time-saver if/when it works out. Hopefully, the next update will show some real progress, as opposed to a pile of parts from three different kits. Till then…

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