And Now A Word About Our Vendor: Starship Modeler

I don’t have an in-progress report to give you–mainly because I don’t have any decent pictures to post. Regardless, I do have something I want to touch upon briefly: Where to buy stuff. Now, you may find yourself in a position where something you’ve seen on my blog–or elsewhere on the net has sparked an interest. You want to see what else is out there. You want to see what’s available and what other (more talented) people are doing. Such a catch-all exists in the shape of has been around a good, long while now, but if you’re just getting interested in this sort of thing, you may not know that. In addition to their news section, they also have review articles on sci-fi kits, online contests, references, and a whole plethora of other things. Two of the more frequently visiting things on their site are their message boards and their online store.
On the message boards, you can find build-ups of various models. They have a pretty big focus on North American science fiction, so expect to see a lot of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica builds. You will, however, find considerable variety. In addition, they have message board sections for hobby news, what’s new in their store, and a trading post for those looking to buy or sell sci-fi kits.
Their online storefront is a blessing. They carry many resin kits and kit conversions, as well as mainstream plastic kits. In addition, they sell decals, tools, display stands, books… You name it. And–thankfully–they also import kits directly from HobbyLink Japan to sell in North America (and beyond?) for only a modest mark-up. Not only that, but they’re fast. I placed my most recent order on a Thursday afternoon, they mailed it on Friday, and the parcel arrived on my doorstep (via USPS, no less) the following Monday. In short, they’re fast–really fast.
So… To sum it all up, if you’ve stumbled across this blog and found something about science fiction that has at least piqued your interest, I highly encourage you to check out They’ve got something for every sci-fi enthusiast.

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