Diversifying By Building More

Just for kicks–and insanity–I’ve added a fourth model to the mix of "currently in-progress". Depending on the day, and which way the coin flips, I am actively working on every one of these every few days or so; which makes them all "active builds". I’m currently recasting the legs on two of them–to make resin parts for future scratch-builds–so, they’ve more-or-less been "inactive" since Sunday. And because of that, I decided to go ahead and take a stab at another kit that I had virtually all the parts ready to go for: Francesco Benedettini’s "Hard Boiled" AFS conversion.
This particular piece is basically a torso and a gun arm (along with a smattering of other bits & bobbles) to change up the appearance of the standard AFS. God knows, the AFS line needs a little more variety. Since Wave re-engineered and re-launched the Maschinen Krieger "Armored Fighting Suit", they’ve released five different variants–with a sixth slated for September. And most fans are getting pretty tired of staring at the same ol’ lines of the AFS, so this conversion is very welcomed. It’s also slightly controversial, as there’s some question as to the actual origin of the design, but I’ll leave that to others to deal with. For me, 20 euros was a welcome price to pay for some of the most flawless resin I’ve ever seen. The torso consists of about six resin parts or so. The gun-arm is one piece, and then there’s bits to add to the upper arms and lower legs. I belive the rest of it are parts dran from the AFS.
I had started an AFS nearly a year ago, but abandoned it after having gone so far as to paint it in a dark yellow. I was just bored with the kit itself (this was my fourth AFS) and couldn’t decide on any terribly interesting ideas. Now, I’ve taken it back out, removed the torso, cleaned up the seams a little better, modified the appropriate existing kit parts, and glued/wired/pinned a few things together. I have a few ideas where to go with this thing, but I’ll leave them on the drawing board for now. Hopefully, I’ll have more progress to post soon. Maybe even a resin casting tutorial. Maybe.

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