Weekend Progress: Slingin’ Paint

This weekend was the monthly meeting of the local IPMS. By chance, it was also a "bring & build" meeting–where you just bring in the kit you want to work on and put in as much time and effort as you care to. I opted to push forward on the AFS-conversion build–specifically, I brought along some Milliput and water to sculpt the elbow and shoulder joints. And I did! As with previous efforts, I just rolled the two parts of the Milliput together, wrapped them around the brass wire I was using to connect the arm pieces, and then shaped them to fit. From there, I used a toothpick (both the point and as a tiny "rolling pin") to sculpt simulated folds into the Milliput so that it took on the appearance of creases in the heavy fabric that would make up the joints. And, honestly, the results turned out better than usual. Not perfect, but my best joints to date. I also did a little bit of seam work on the Gustav at the meeting, but nothing worth reporting out on.
Back at home, over the last two days, I managed to glue on the hip armor and also started painting. The overall suit is going to be orange (and all I have is gloss–that flat lacquer better do its job!), while the joints will be brown and the mechanical details will be gunmetal and flat aluminum. All Tamiya acrylics, of course. I’ve also got a pretty solid idea on what I’m going to do for the base but it will–not-so-surprisingly–require a trip out to HobbyTown, so I’ll wait to report out on that, too.
And apologies, as usual, for the crappy cell phone pics. I think "better camera" will be one of the key selling points for my next cell phone. That… and a keyboard.

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