Another One?!?

Yes… I’ve started another Ma.K. build, without bothering to finish the five or six others already in-progress. With some luck, one of them may get finished sometime this week.
At any rate… That "hard boiled" conversion set (the orange guy in previous posts) left me with a fair amount of AFS parts left over. And recent attempts at mold-making and resin casting have left me with a surplus of  not-quite-perfect resin SAFS legs. There’s also the not-so-small matter of a very large 1/20 scale sniper rifle left over from an unfinished attempt at getting a decent-looking Ma.K. figure. Put all of these together, and you have my latest in-progress build: Tatiana, the A.F.S. sniper.
"Tatiana" was named after a fictional Soviet sniper of the same name in Harry Turtledove’s "Worldwar" series of books. It just seemed like a good fit. It’s certainly a good series of books.
Since all I really have to work with is the AFS torso and the resin SAFS legs, there’s going to be a fair amount of scratch-building going on. The arms are going to need to be built, the "skirts" and shoulder armor will need to be created, and I’ll need to detail up interior a bit, since I’m not going to give her a helmet. And while we’re on the interior, I’ve done quite a bit of cutting & scraping already, since the "stock" AFS kit just has a head, the tippy-top of the shoulders, and that’s it. I’ve removed some of the plastic from inside the kit, and vastly modified a "Geech" torso in order make it fit in there. And it wasn’t just modifying the size. No… With an Xacto knife, I removed the lapel and chest markings as well–to give the shirt a less decorated appearance. More along the lines of what you’d find on a SWAT sniper–at least, what you think you’d find.  Fortunately, because of how little you’ll be seeing of it once she’s done, there was no need to worry about certain gender-specific features of the torso.  
I also spent a LOT of time, effort, and resin trying to get a decent recast of the female head I was going to use. For some reason, the resin really didn’t want to pour into her nose, so I made about six or eight attempts and managed to squeeze out two decent heads. And, in the process, got enough casts of the other heads to keep me from needing to make more of those for years and years.
I’ve got a long ways to go, but I’ve made good progress so far. And, hopefully, I’ll finish her and/or a couple others before starting another entirely new Ma.K. build. Till next time, here’s a link to a great reference I’ve been using on this build: Jason Eaton’s AFS Mk.II Split Suit.

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