Small Update On “Hard Boiled” AFS Conversion

I think I’ve spent more time lately trying to figure out what parts to use for other builds, but last nite I took a little bit of time to work on the base for the AFS "Hard Boiled" conversion set…
I want to put him in an industrial/factory setting–at least, as much as that teeny-tiny base will allow me to suggest. To that end, I decided to put a support column in there. For my reference, I used an image of a pillar at the local baseball stadium as my reference (click here for the reference photo). The largest H-pillar I could find in styrene (because I’m too lazy to make my own) was 3/8". Scale-wise, this makes it probably two to four inches off in size. But that’s okay… I’m making a factory–not a scale model of the baseball stadium.
I couldn’t figure out a square to use for the base for the last two days, and then it finally dawned on me to just use Legos. I’ve got a bucket of ’em on-hand to create mold boxes for the silicone, so I just raided the bucket, pulled out a couple of sqare pieces, stuck them together, and then cut the little nobs off the top. Viola! Column support. To the top of that, I added a styrene "plate" and the H-pillar. I also added some very thin styrene squares at each corner. Upon those, I’ll place the nut/bolts. The nuts will just be made from hexagonal styrene rod and the bolts will be round styrene rod. I’ll run one pipe up the column–if you’re looking at the picture, I’ll be making the green one.
And that’s about it for the pillar. For the cement, I think I’m going to try rolling some Milliput out flat, letting it dry slightly, and then gouging it up so that it looks like the reference picture.
And I’m not sure if you can tell from the crappy pictures, but I haven’t done anything else with that AFS yet. He still needs more paint, sealing, weathering, washing, decaling, etc. Oh, and I still really need to stain the wood for the base, too. Yeah… There’s definitely a long list of things to be done yet, but it’s taking shape. And when the shape it takes closely resembles the pictures you’d made in your head… Well… You must be doing something right.

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