Update On the AFS Sniper.

While not much of it is visible in this blurry picture, I’ve actually done quite a bit of work on Tatiana here… The most obvious thing in the picture is the knee pads. I was tossing a few ideas around, but–in accordance with the K.I.S.S. principle–I opted to just use pieces of a styrene tube with a couple small pieces of styrene rod to simulate bolts. I also re-positioned the feet. Because the legs/feet were one-piece resin, this involved cutting the feet away from the legs, removing all the in-between resin, and "pinning" the legs to the feet with 1/16" wire–bending it slightly for the repositioning. the dead space around the wire will be filled in with Milliput. Not so visible is the top of the legs, which I’ve cut up a bit to allow easier fit with the AFS torso. I’ve also drilled holes in the top of the legs for future pinning.
For her "muffler", I used a headlight(?) from the Tamiya 1/35 M41 tank, and styrene. Behind her head, I’ve added a couple pieces from motorcycle kits and a piece of styrene so that it doesn’t just look like part of a model kit. On the front-interior of the torso, I’ve added part of the instrument panel from a 1/48 airplane (P-40, maybe?) as well as some mechaskunk wire mesh and styrene. Thus, if anyone cares to look that close, there are some interior details and not just barren plastic.
Next up are the forearms. I’ve gotta figure out if I’m going to scratch-build something or just make a silicone mold of some existing kit forearm and copy it. Right now, I’m leaning towards the scratch-build. And then there’s the small matter of the hands. I should have some parts on their way to me to use for that. At least, I hope I do. The base is a whole different matter. I’ll cross that bridge down the road, but I do have some thoughts on it. We’ll see how they play out. So… Not a lot of visible change on Tatiana, but things are happening. No doubt about that.

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