Off On Another Tangent Build

So… Yeah… Decided to start another model rather than work on the ones already half-complete. Go figure. The photo to the right sums it up pretty well. In the foreground is what I’m currently working on, but in the background, there’s actually four more models in various stages of completion.
What you see in the foreground–the latest project–is the culmination of three nights of work. It’s also a pile of resin, tube styrene, Wave option parts, helicopter parts, motorcycle kit parts, and even parts from an AFV. And, of course, it’s a Maschinen Krieger build. One of these days–hopefully soon–I’ll pick up a non-Ma.K. build again. Just not today… or this week… or next week.
At any rate, this started as the resin torso for a Fireball SG. Based on the quality of the resin, I’d say that it’s an original and not a recast. Well, I’m not wanting to build a space suit, so I decided to make this one into a ground-oriented version. Thus, I dub it the "Mudball S.G.". See what I did there? At any rate, from there I added a resin Raptor/Snake Eye style hatch to the top, the 1/48 Hughes sighting system to the front, a slightly modified motorcycle bit tot he back, and bits from a 1/72 Bradley fighting vehicle to the side. On the lower rear–where you’d find the rocket nozzles on the Fireball S.G., I added two tubes of styrene and capped them off with Wave option parts. There’s also some other bits in there, but they’re barely worth mentioning.
Last night, I finished up all the skirts. These were cut from a ping pong ball–after using the skirt parts from a SAFS for the pattern. I then applied Mr. Surfacer 500 to the skirt parts in dabs to give it that cast-iron type texture. These won’t be added till much later.
The legs are recasts of SAFS legs–recasted (for personal use only) by me. I have a lot more torsos than I have arms & legs, and I decided that recasting my own Ma.K. legs was the best route to go in order to get some of these builds done. And I think I was right–it’s been a tremendous help.
The place where I still have the most work to go is the arms. While I have the resin "gun arm" and started modifying the right hand–based on a 1/100 Gundam hand–I still need to build the arms themselves. Once that’s done, I can pin them together with 1/16" brass wire, add some Milliput joints, and probably start painting.
The justification–if there can be such a thing–on the speed of this build is that I’ll be out of town for a couple of days next week, and I figured I’d drag this kit along with me to see if I can get it done. I really need something new for my desk at work, and I’m thinking this is the guy. We shall see…

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