Moving Forward: “Snowball SG”

Well, I was out of town for work last week. I actually packed this guy up and brought him with me–foolishly believing that I could finish him during my 3-night stay in the middle of nowhere with nothing else to do. What is that they say about the "best laid plans"? I managed to get a bit of work done on him Tuesday night, but I was so exhausted for the next two nights that I basically just crashed out after dinner.
First off, I’ve renamed him the "Snowball SG" (from the previous nickname of "Mudball"). There were several reasons for this, but "snowball" certainly sounds better than "mudball". As such, he’ll be standing on a base of faux-snow when all is said and done. Actually, the snow is pretty-well done. It was just a wooden base with some Milliput on top. I painted that white and then used a Tamiya weathering pen/stick to dab some white colored goop on top. Good enough.
The arm construction is done–unless I decide to add some fiddly bits. I sculpted some shoulder joints that I’m rather proud of, but those will be virtually unseen on the final model, so I’m not sure why I bothered. That about wraps up all I was able to do "from the road". Upon my return–and after a good night’s sleep and some napping–I hand-painted the whole thing gray. This is a cheap hand-painter’s way of not priming it. Not using primer also firmly leaves me in the "amateur modelers" ranks, but so be it. And it did help me catch a jutting problem in one of the feet, which I’ve now remedied.
So… He’s coming along. I’ve got a spare resin leg that I’m trying out various paint schemes on. Once I get that sorted away, I’ll start properly painting him. And hopefully it’ll be a short road to getting finished after that.

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