Throwing Paint at the Snowball SG

First off, here’s the worst photo ever taken. Now that I’ve got that out of the way… I’ll just talk briefly about the colors I’ve used so far.
Obviously, I painted over the dark gray with white. Flat white, to be exact. Of course, hand-painting the thing meant that the brush strokes were a lot more visible than I liked. And I didn’t appreciate the start whiteness of the whole thing. So, I tried something that ultimately blended the brush strokes much better, and also gave the thing a much dirtier appearance: I used my brush cleaning solution. To clean my brushes, I just keep a bottle filled with 91% alcohol handy. Over time, this obviously accumulates crap (paint) from the brushes. So, I did a combination of just brushing and dabbing it over the surface of all the parts, and it gave some yellow tinge to the whole thing. In addition, it rubbed away some of the white paint, allowing the dark gray to come up from the bottom layer of paint. The end result is a pretty dirty looking model. And I’m pleased with it. If the photo wasn’t so spectacularly crappy, that might be evident in what you see here.
In addition, I made the fingertips and a couple greeblies on the gun flat red. The idea behind this is that this thing is intended to work in potential white-out conditions. As such, the operator may need visual indicators as to exactly where his arms are. This idea was inspired by similar colors on the "Gundam Hazel" from the "Advance of Zeta" series.
The various joints of the arms and legs were painted with a flat medium blue. Right now, the whole thing looks really blotchy, but weathering and washes will bring those details out. My thoughts and ideas for the markings aren’t finalized yet, but this thing is supposed to be a walking tank. As such, he’ll be getting a pin-up girl on his side. And that’s about it. There’s still a lot to do, but I’m pleased with what I’ve got so far.

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