Over the weekend, I made long strided towards finally getting this thing done. Or at least getting it ready to decal and weather. Most importantly, I managed to get all the hoses added on. And, as has the tendency to happen with Ma.K. kits, all of the hoses came from the hardware store and not the hobby store.
First up were the hoses on the backs of the feet. For these, I simply used bailing wire, and the natural color looked so… natural that I don’t want to paint them. I just drilled holes into the feet and the legs, jammed the wires in there, applied some glue, and done! Or nearly so. During the process of cutting the wire to length, the nippers took a huge bite out of my finger. Blood everywhere. No stitches, but I’m still wearing a bandage–three days later. So I guess the inherent safety message is that you should never forget that half the tools in the modeling hobby are designed in such a way as to make injuries very easy to happen. Enough about that.
The next hose/wire up was that small run from the upper left arm to the torso. I just used a wire from a 9 volt battery connector and painted it flat black. Not much else to say on that one, really.
Last up were the big leg "hoses". I had originally wanted to use mechaskunk braided fiberglass(?) hoses, but didn’t. My first plan was to feed them over a piece of pre-bent 1/16" brass rod. As I’ve discovered in the past, the ends fray out instantly any time you try to push these hoses around a corner. So that was out–almost before I started it. Thus, I made a trip to the hardware store and found a couple of extension springs that looked like they’d do the trick. And, ultimately, they did. Of course, they didn’t want to wrap around the curves of the brass rod, either. Thus, the rod had to be discarded while I came up with something more malleable. Ultimately, I used what I believe to be aluminum, but it was highly flexible. I’m not exactly sure what it is because I picked it up back in May–as the table centerpiece at a wedding reception I attended. At any rate, it required me to drill the holes out to 5/64", but that was no big deal. More importantly, it worked.
Paint isn’t sticking so well to the extension springs–and right now, you can see the aluminum inside in certain areas–but I suspect that a second coat will have things sorted out. And speaking of paint, I touched up a few areas last night, so there should really just be a little bit left to do before I start hitting this thing with lacquer and start applying the decals and weathering. It’s close to done. Real close…

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