1/20 S.A.F.S. “Snowball S.G.” Complete

*picture was put together by FichtenFoo–and then I spilled oil and sepia tones all over it.
It’s done. And here’s a little fictional backstory to go along with it:

As Strahl forces became more prevalent upon the Earth, the Mercenaries faced increasingly difficult circumstances in trying to organize their research and development of new A.F.S. technologies.


To help hide them from the prying orbital eyes of those they view as their oppressors, the Mercenaries have established R&D facilities beneath the ancient geodesic dome at the South Pole—which was known as the "Admundsen-Scott South Pole Station" during the late 20th and early 21st centuries. With a nod towards nearly-forgotten history, the Mercenaries refer to this facility as "New Admundsen". Because the ice beneath this ancient research site is nearly 3 kilometers thick, the Mercenaries have been able to completely obscure their activities from the SDR forces high overhead.


As an additional precaution, a small contingent of security forces are stationed at New Admundsen. These forces patrol both inside and outside the facility at all times to ensure that their work remains uninterrupted.


Because of the harsh surface conditions at New Admundsen, the Mercenaries have made several ad-hoc modifications to their existing arsenal. One such modification resulted in the “S.A.F.S. ‘Snowball S.G.’”. This suit began life as a Fireball S.G. but has been hardened to compensate for the extreme cold, wind, and moisture present at New Admundsen. Now, this Snowball S.G. stands ready to repel invaders from its icy perimeter.

I have more torsos than other parts, so the torso and hatch were part of that pile of purchased parts. The legs/feet were recasts I did of the SAFS legs–to help with the backlog of torso. Much cleanup needed, but they did the trick. New knee-pads made from styrene pipe. Raptor/Fireball S.G. gun, the rest of the arms were scratch-built from styrene. The hand was just a modified 1/100 Zaku hand. The leg hoses were extension springs from the hardware store. The skirts and shoulder pads were hacked up from a ping pong ball (and textured with Mr. Surfacer 500). The front camera was pulled from a 1/48 Hughes MD500–with bits added inside the lense. The orange tubes were just styrene pipe again, with some option parts on the end. On the left side of the torso, there’s some parts from a 1/72 Bradley. Smoke dispensers from the Bradely on the rear, as well as something from a 1/12 motorcycle engine. The hoses/wires on the feet were just bailing wire. I think that’s probably about it.

Hand-painted in Tamiya acrylics, and weathered with dirty thinner (brush cleaner that was long-overdue to be changed out). The decals were from the spares box. I tried something a little different–I hit it with flat lacquer, brushed Future Floor Acrylic just on those spots were decals were being applied, and flat lacquer over the top. Solvaset to set the decals. The only one I had trouble with was the "G" on top of his head. I ended up cutting that one a few times and repeatedly hitting it with Solvaset in order to make it settle down.

Here’s some more pictures:

And that’s about all I have to say. A big "thank you" to the guy who sold me the pile o’ parts–I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of them, and will continue to do so for years.


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