New Build Underway: Giant Robot-Thing

Since I help admin a site about the silly things–and have a massive collection of the kits at home–it’s long past time I do another Bandai kit from their "Gundam" line. This particular kit is the 1/144 "Union Flag" transformable mobile suit.
Nothing too fancy about it. As with most Bandai kits, the parts snap together, and the pieces are molded in their appropriate colors. It looks like I’ll have a grand total of six seams that need to be puttied and sanded, but once that’s done it will be ready for paint.
The kit comes molded in some shade of light blue (almost a lavender), gray, black, and white. I’ll probably be swapping the gray medium blue and the blue for very light gray once I get going with the paint. The black and the white will stay black and white. I may try to throw some gunmetal color in there for some of the internal bits.
The plan is for this thing to be in a fixed pose, and I’ll be making a "custom" display base out of some ice cream lid and a bit of resin (for weight).
And that’s about it, really… If you’re interested in the Gundam kits–or the "giant robot/mech" kits in general, I’d suggest checking out for your modeling needs. They carry a full range of Bandai kits, as well as some Kotobukiya kits. They’re fast, they offer flat-rate ($10) FedEx shipping. They also carry a full range of modeling accessories, tools, and paints. These kits are a great way to get a youngster interested in modeling as they’re easy to put together, don’t require paint (although it will improve the finished appearance a thousand fold), and kids can play with ’em because they’re so articulated. Oh, and they’re not overly expensive–unlike those Maschinen Krieger kits that I love so much. So… stay tuned. I may even post some progress on this thing before finishing it off…

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