Updated: Giant Robot Thing

This weekend was so ridiculously busy that I was happy I had time to sleep–let alone model. I did manage to squeeze in a little bit of time here and there. And, let’s face it, these kits don’t need much time if you’re just doing an out-of-box build.
Let’s see… First, off, the "display stand" for the kit. For this, I took a lid from a $1 "Ben & Jerry’s" ice cream container, a length of 1/16" brass rod, and some liquid resin. Viola! It’s not great, but it does the trick. And that’s all anyone can ask of it. The only modification was that I did some hacking at the bottom of the lid and applied some duct tape to it in an attempt to level it out so it didn’t wobble. And that was really it. I will paint it, of course, but I haven’t figured out my plan on that yet. Probably black. Or blue. Or gray. Maybe red.
I did end up making one very small modification to the kit. I cut off the end of the rifle–the round barrel–and replaced it with a 2mm "crimp bead", which I picked up in the craft section at the local Wal-Mart. I think I paid $1.97 for 50 or 100 of them.
As is common–or even standard–for modern Bandai "Gundam" kits, this one has a removeable piece in his butt so that he can be mounted on a "Bandai Action Base"–which is a prettier version of a display stand. I have some, but I didn’t want to waste them on this fella. So I just drilled a 1/16" hole through that piece and he’s all set.
Before painting, I figured out what pose he was going to be displayed in–basing it closely off the box art. From there, I glued the elbow, knee, and ankle joints. I left the shoulder and hip joints un-glued, as I wanted to be able to remove those limbs for painting. I also glued the wings in place–just to save trouble later. If I hadn’t been in such a rush, I think that I probably should have painted more of the pieces prior to assembly. Because of the parts breakdown and the proximity of parts to one another, painting has proven to be somewhat tricky. On the other hand, there’s a fair number of seams that need to be painted over. This could not be done without completing most of the sub-assemblies. The next time I tackle one of these kits, I’ll give that more attention.
And that’s about it for today. Stay tuned. This shouldn’t take too much more work (famous last words?).

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