Go Figure

… Or "Some Figures", to be more accurate. Specifically, I’ve started working on two 1/20 figures related to Maschinen Krieger–"go figure".
On the left, we have what I believe to be the Krote mechanic (sans hands, for now). I just wanted to check the overall look (and height) of the guy, so I just glued the two body halves and used double-sided tape on a roller to attach the arms, head, and feet. I thought I was going to display him with the Gans-thing in the background, but now I’m not so sure. He may end up somewhere else. We’ll see.
The other thing I’ve started painting is a head + torso to stick in the Gustav–should I ever actually follow through and finish that. The torso is a personal recast of that fantastic Yosci set I bought a long time ago and the head is a somewhat rough recast I did of a Zitader head that was pulled from the market for apparently being too similar to a pair of Yosci designs. I suppose that what’s important is that it was considered–by the community–to be legit when I bought it.

And now I’ll have to stand on my soapbox briefly for a quick diatribe about my personal recasting policy. First off, I don’t buy bootleg/recast kits. It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I’m one of those guys that feels like the original artist/sculptor/whatever deserves appropriate compensation for their hard work. If the kits are no longer available (and won’t be made available in the future) in any way, shape, or form, I suppose that could be another matter. Fortunately, I have more than enough legitimate kits to keep me hopping for years. I do, however, recast many items for personal use only. I like to build kits, but I also like to collect them. As such, I cringe at the thought of using my only copy of something. So in order to preserve the original, I make my own copies. I do not sell them or give them away to friends–they’re just for use in the various builds I take on. And they’re usually greatly inferior to the originals–but they’re "good enough" for me. So that’s pretty much it: I support the artist by buying an original copy. After that, I make copies to use in my own builds. Oh, and I wouldn’t sell the finished builds either–not that it’s ever come up–as it’s probably the same as selling a recast.

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