Flag Update

Over the last few nights, I’ve been resting and recovering from the last few weeks and I’ve been puttering away on a couple ongoing model projects. One of these hasn’t been updated in quite awhile: the 1/144 Union Flag. If you scroll down far enough in the blog, you’ll find the old progress for it somewhere. To sum it up, this is a nearly out-of-box Bandai kit, painted in grays and blues, and stuck on a display stand made from an ice cream lid, some poured resin, and a 1/16" rod. Now you’re caught up.
A couple nights ago, I hit it with the flat lacquer, let it cure for a day or so, and did some washes on it. The washes were done in Tamiya "Sea Blue"–which is very nearly black–and took a lot more time than I figured they would. They also pointed out to me several areas that I still need to go back and touch up.
Once the washes had dried, I started the decal process. As with a recent build, I decided not to hit the whole thing with a gloss lacquer coat. Instead, I used a small throw-away brush to apply Future Floor Acrylic (whatever they’re calling it now) to only those portions of the surface where I was decaling. And I brushed as I went. So the process was to soak the decals in water, remove them from the backing, brush on a small amount of FFA, and apply the decal. The process works and you don’t end up with the possibility of shine like you do when you hit the whole thing with a gloss lacquer.
The decals came from a 1/144 Eduard Focke-Wulf 190 and a 1/144 Dragon Morser Karl. And, as a result of the markings available, the build has a name now: "Ziu IV" ("Zeus IV"). You can find those particular markings on his left shoulder. I also opened up a set of Bandai waterslide decals to add a "Gundam 00" decal to the stand–small touch, but it makes quite a bit of difference. Once the FFA had dried, I hit everything with Solvaset.
Now… I need to go back and touch up some paint, do some weathering, hit it with a flat lacquer, and I think it’ll be done at that point. After that, who knows what I’ll work on next. A ship, maybe. Or maybe I’ll finish one of the half-dozen projects already on my desk.

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