The Wannabe Gans: Updated!

Here’s something I haven’t mentioned in a while. In fact, it looks like the last update on this build was posted around February 4th. Just to catch you up to speed, this is a kit from last year’s "WonderFest" in Japan, made by a little garage kit maker called "THAT". They’re becoming infamous for taking a Ma.K. idea and somewhat reimagining it from different donor parts. I’m not sure if this one existed anywhere in Kow Yokoyama’s sketches, but I’m sure that I’ve made enough changes to it since then where it doesn’t really match up with anything at this point. This started out as an extremely bare-bones resin kit which I’ve turned around and added dozens of pieces to–everything from motorcycle and tank parts to soldering wire. And I decided last night that I should really try to push on through and see it finished. It’s been lamenting at the back of the workbench for long enough.
Last night, I really didn’t do much–but it was important steps towards final construction, nevertheless. Prevoiusly, I had cut up a ping pong ball to use as "ankle" and "hip" armor–and even attached some option parts and hexagonal styrene to (for the appearance of mounting points). I also hit the outer surface of those parts with Mr. Surfacer 500 to give it a textured–or cast–appearance. I finally took a couple pieces from two different motorcycle kits and used those as mounting brackets, drilled receiving holes into the joints, and glued everything together with CA glue. And, for those of you that may attempt to do some creative scratch-building out there, CA glue is the only effective glue I’ve found (or even heard of) that works with ping pong balls.
With those mounted, the only "essential" construction left are some faux hydraulic hoses going from the leg pistons to the body. I’ve already drilled 1/16" holes to receive those, so I’ll try to use 1/16" rod of some sort (styrene or brass). After that, I may opt to add a couple more details. Or I may not. Once I’m satisified that construction is complete, I’ll probably photograph the whole mess–as the add-ons really stand out right now–and it will be ready for priming and painting. I don’t normally prime the models, but I’m making an exception here. There’s just too much going on.

… And speaking of photos, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I added a second Ma.K. photo "album" on the ol’ blog. It’s entitled "More MaK". The first album (which is still there) was nearly 200 photos–and probably getting difficult to navigate. So… There’s now a second album. Every Mak-related image I post from this point forward will end up in the "new" gallery.
Thanks for taking the time to look. It’s a little humbling how many hits my little modeling blog gets, so I appreciate the folks that stop by. And I’d love to have comments, but there’s usually spam in there less than 24 hours after I open the entries up for comments, so–unfortunately–they have to stay shut off. I believe, however, there’s options to contact me via my profile, should you be so inclined. Again, thank you.

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