And Now… I Shall Tutor!

My wife recently decided that she wanted to learn how to paint models. It’s a start! To that end, I’ve started accumulating some supplies. HobbyTown USA was particularly helpful. They have a lot of their little metal gaming figures 50% off right now. That has led to a grand total of seven figures purchased for $1.00 each. They’re all one piece and they’re all relatively simple. In other words, perfect painting practice.
I also picked up something I didn’t know even existed: A Testors "Figure Paint Set". Oddly enough, it comes with brown, yellow, white, and tan paints–but not "flesh". So… grabbed a mini bottle of Tamiya "Flat Flesh", too. Oh, and it comes with a tube of Testors non-toxic plastic modeling cement. I suggsted she throw it in the trash, but she handed it to me, instead. I wonder what she’s trying to say there.
… And of course you need brushes to paint figures. At the very least–at that scale–you’re going to need a 10/0 a 5/0, and something a little (but only a little) more broad. In short, she’s got the basics to tackle the figures.
I think I can teach her my meager skills inside of a week, which means that she should be out-painting me inside of a month. More than enough time for her to put something in the HobbyTown USA Fall National Model Contest (October 10). And LOTS of time to get something together for the IPMS/USA National Convention & Contest in Omaha in 2011.

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