Zeus IV (Union Flag) Done(?)

As the title suggests, I finished that 1/144 Union Flag. Or, at least, I thought I did. Upon reviewing the high-resolution pictures, I see that some paint has already rubbed off. I’ll probably be going back and touching that up.
This was not a great build. The finished product doesn’t look great. The paint job isn’t overly impressive or even good enough to stand out in a crowd. It is solidly average. It’s more about proving a couple things–mostly to myself. First of all, it proves I can still put together a Bandai "Gundam" kit–even if the results are pretty lackluster. Second of all, it proves I can do it quickly and improvise a cheap method of displaying said kit.
Don’t get me wrong—I’m happy with some aspects of this. I like the added weapons to the hard-points on the wings. They just seem to "fit". I also like the paint scheme and decals I used here. This looks decidedly like it belongs to the German air force. Not much question about that.
There’s just not enough going on with this kit to make it interesting overall. It’s not the fault of the kit–FichtenFoo has certainly cranked out a pair of very nice Flags. So… the fault must be mine. Too big of a rush. Not enough thought on a proper display stand (and it’s too late now since the joints are "fixed" in that position). In short, "not enough" all the way around.
So I don’t think the kit is awful. I’ll still display it with the others. I just thing that there’s a lot of things that could’ve looked better. If you’re interested in seeing more on this one, hit up the "Photos" link and go to the "Scale Sci-Fi" gallery (or just click here).
Up Next: Probably some teeny-tiny metal figures.

One Response to Zeus IV (Union Flag) Done(?)

  1. jakejerde says:

    sickk!! nice pose

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