Little Tiny People!

I didn’t feel like creating a new category for this, so these things will get stuck in the "Universal Update" category of entries…
I haven’t been doing much with the models lately. I picked up "Halo 3: ODST" for the Xbox360 and, well, that’s been sucking up most of my free time. Too much fun. What time I have been working on with figures has been with some little metal fantasy miniature gaming woman warrior thing. That describes it pretty-well. A woman with a very large axe (to grind?). And with figures that small, no way my cell phone camera will pick up on it, so I’ll have to remember to shoot some pictures with the "good camera".
I painted in the flesh, painted on the outfit color (a dark red), hated the outfit, and decided to make it white instead. So… Stripped off all the paint, re-applied the flesh, painted a light gray over the clothing (as a faux-primer), and painted on the white. Hopefully, I’ll hit up some of the detail work tonight.
The wife is working on the same figure, and she’s doing really well. I’d like to think that my tutoring can take partial credit, but–going back to that "playing the crap out of ODST" thing–she’s really come most of the way on her own. I think she’ll have this figured out in a hurry. And, if she’s not careful, she may even like it!

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