Wow… Tiny Figure is TINY

Okay… These little wargaming figures are kind-of addictive to paint. And, on a related note to this post, my cell phone camera is just about the most awful thing ever when it comes to taking pictures of little tiny things.
The li’l gal you see there is just about ready for washes now. I’ve just kept it simple, but the results are decent. I’m really pleased with the way the white outfit turned out. I’m definitely glad I went back and stripped off the dark red to go this route. Painting the whites of the eyes was a trick that required a BIG magnifying glass, but the deed is done.
On a related note, my wife’s figure (not pictured–yet!) is at just about the same stage. I still hold to the belief that her figure painting skills will out-shine mine within a month. Once we’re all done–if not sooner–I’ll dig out the good camera and snap some pictures where you can actually tell what we’re doing. Won’t that be a treat?
And crap–with October here, it’s time to start thinking about pumpkins and pumpkin painting. And probably time to grab some cheap paint from Hobby Lobby.

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