Spinning Wheels on the Gustav… And Other Problems

I’m stuck on the Gustav. The whole body is painted in "NATO Green", but it needs some sort of camo pattern. I’ve been testing various ideas on my "test surface" (a ping-pong ball), but haven’t come up with anything I want to commit to. FichtenFoo gave me an idea that I haven’t had a chance to play with, so–fingers crossed–maybe he’ll get done sooner rather than later. At this point, I’m not counting on it.
The base is virtually done at this stage. I picked up some "Sepia" acrylic ink on clearance at Hobby Lobby and used that to stain the typical round wooden base. Celluclay has been formed for the top "ground", and painted in Tamiya "Flat Earth". I’ll have to wash it, because it happens to be the same color I used for the pilot’s shirt. And speaking of…
I’ve also switched out the "pilot". I really liked the one I had in there. It turns out I liked him too much. I’ll save him for some other build. Instead–since this will be replacing the Snowball SAFS on my desk at work–I’ve gone with another "Geech" bust. In order to get him to fit in the Gustav body, I had to shave a considerable amount off the shoulders, but he fits in there good now. I probably need to do a couple more washes on him–just to get the details to stand up a little bit more. Progress is slow, but it’s moving forward. Now I need to vent about something else entirely…

"hobzob.com" is a site dedicated to modeling, RC racing, tabletop (card & miniature) gaming, and scale railroaders. I’ve found it to be a great "social networking" site for modelers and our model club. It’s like a "facebook" for hobbyists. I like it. It’s a slick interface and holds great promise. Mostly.
They recently launched a "Best Paint Job" contest. I was excited because I still genuinely believe that the paint job on the Snowball SAFS is pretty damned good. Heck, even the guy behind "Maschinen Krieger" (Kow Yokoyama himself) commented that it was a very Ma.K. look. So, I entered with high hopes. Voting starts tomorrow, but it’s already become readily apparent that this will be a personality popularity contest that has very little to do with actual talent or skill. The results may prove me wrong, but I’m not holding out much hope at this point.

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