Goo-Goo For Gustav

I’m still slowly plugging away on that Gustav–at what seems like a half-hour at at time…
The painting and decaling on the suit are finished, and the pilot is pretty-well finished, as well. There’s still the matter of washes and weathering, but it’s all a lot closer to the end than the beginning. After weeks (months?) of trying to find a good paint scheme, I just kinda whipped this out. I can’t decide if it looks like fried eggs, a bunch of amoeba, or a lot of eyeballs. Regardless, it resembles something that the Germans might have tried to use during World War II, so it fits with the whole theme. The base was "NATO Green", the light color was "Deck Tan", and the centers were "Hull Red". All Tamiya acrylics. And hand-painting all those fried eggs on there took a couple days of work. After that was done, I applied a couple yellow identification bands to the sides and the left arm, and then hit the whole thing with the flat lacquer. And this is where I made a small screw-up.
When you apply "water-slide" decals, you’re supposed to give them a glossy surface to adhere to. As with the last couple of projects, I’d meant to hand-brush some Future Floor Acrylic on to the spots where decals were applied, but I somehow got ahead of myself and forgot to brush it on. As a result, there’s some very minor silvering on a couple decals. The Solvaset wiped most of it out, but there’s still a couple of spots that a trained eye will see. I can live with it.
The hoses on the legs were mechaskunk braided hose. Thanks to some insight from Bryan Krueger, I managed to successfully tackle those. That was also the first time I was able to use them pretty-well as intended. Previously, I’d had fraying issues, so I’d tried putting a little bit of CA glue on the end. Well, it wicked up so badly, that the hose became unuseable. Per Bryan’s suggestion, I cut the hose a little long, and then trimmed off most of the part where the CA had wicked into it, just leaving a small bit of it at the end, to prevent it from fraying as I fed it over the wire. This worked MUCH better, Not perfect (yet), but certainly better than any previous attempts.
I should pretty-well have this thing wrapped up in the next week or two, depending on my schedule. More progress will be posted. Soon-ish.

2 Responses to Goo-Goo For Gustav

  1. Schroeder says:

    hey. i’m pretty sure, germans did not use any fried eggs for camouflage ;D

    • zerobxu says:

      LOL! No, but they did use similar patterns, thus I emphasized the “Germans might have used” in the post. And, actually, I ended up re-painting that thing anyways. I hated the way it turned out.

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