Goobered the Gustav

Well, I thought I was going to finish the Gustav the other night. I didn’t. I had a couple minor setbacks that put this on the "not quite done" list.
First off, the final assembly went reasonably well… Due to the nature of the kit, I had to finish all the lacquer coats, then put the windows in, then put the pilot in, and FINALLY secure the top "shell" on. That was the plan. There were only a couple minor errors along the way. First, I managed to smudge some clear glue on one of the windows. Not that big of a deal–not even noticeable. Second, I used CA glue to fasten the top shell to the suit… managed to get just a little bit of CA on the exterior. More noticeable. So, I pulled out the "NATO Green" paint, painted it over, and realized that–due to my weathering–the paint no longer matches. Now I need to wait for the paint to fully cure before attempting to weather that a bit, as I probably won’t be able to lacquer that little portion of it. This isn’t a big deal as I won’t be "handling" that part of the kit, but it’s more about the principle.
Also, I severely bungled some of the weathering. Specifically, the left knee. I attempted to use the same technique I had used with the Snowball S.G., but buggered it. I had way too much alcohol on the brush, so instead of weathering it with sediment, I stripped the paint completely. So I thought–in my infinite wisdom–that I’d just paint it another color entirely–give it the impression that this part had been replaced in the field and not repainted with the matching camo pattern. Well… That just looks stupid. Especially in gray. I’m going to need to give that part some further attention. I have a couple ideas, so we’ll just see how that pans out.
So to sum it up, I’m almost done. If I hadn’t slightly screwed up a few steps, this thing would be done competely. But it’s not. Hopefully, the next report on this thing will be the final report on this thing. I’m ready to move on.

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