Puttering Around… With Paint

In a fit of insomnia last night, I sat down at the workbench. The night before, I had a long conversation with a fellow modeler by the username of Lin.K. We both concluded that we’ve somewhat lost our way with modeling. While we still find the painting enjoyable, we’ve become pretty unmotivated about the assembly process. I think this loss of motivation is definitely evident on some of my more recent efforts–like the Union Flag. I went in there with the best of intentions. I just couldn’t motivate myself enough to bring it up to the level of some of my other works. Same goes for the Gustav – I just couldn’t motivate myself to bring it up to the level I’ve set with some of my other projects from 2009.
So, to that end, I picked up something off the workbench where most of the assembly was done and started throwing some paint at it. In this instance, it was a 1/20 mechanic. I’m still not sure exactly where he’s going to end up, but at least he’ll be ready when he gets there. I’ve got a few ideas, so he hopefully won’t sit around for too long.
For no particular reason, I decided to just try something different with this guy, so I painted the shoes with un-thinned Tamiya acrylic "NATO Brown". For a shoe, that worked fine. For his outfit or his face–with all the detail there–I kept the paint properly thinned. I just wanted to see what the results were. And the results were fine. I just used a little more paint is all.
Yeah, I know this update was boring. Hey–you get what you pay for. I guess if I was trying to make a point here, it was to experiment when you paint. Even if you’re just going a little bit outside your normal borders, do something different. You might a rare gem of a good idea.

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