“Hot Tub Time Machine”

Well, I got a fair amount of things done this weekend. Actually, I just went in the garage and sprayed primer and lacquer. The wife loved that smell. Is that what it means when you wrinkle your nose and scrunch up your face? Anyways, some work happened.
It’s been a long time–over three months–since I’ve had anything to report on the Gans, but I threw some primer at it on Saturday. You have to remember that primer serves two purposes in scale modeling. First, it prepares the surface of the model so that paint adheres to it better. Second–and most importantly when screwing with resin models–it shows you where imperfections are on the model that need fixing.
… And this model did need some fixing. As I commented on when I reviewed this kit, it’s was a little rough to begin with. However, with some hard work and a lot of putty, I made most of the surfaces a lot smoother. I missed the missile tubes, however, so after priming I went back and applied some white Squadron putty to the covers for the tubes to fix some imperfections in the resin.
I don’t hold this against the kit. The thing was $50–cheaper than the plastic iteration–and has provided me with months of building fun. I’ve only been stalling because I’m afraid I’m going to make it look worse by painting it. In fact, I still think I’m going to screw it up by trying to paint it, but it deserves some attention. Now that I’ve got primer on it, maybe I can set it aside for another six months.
The figure–generously provided by another member of the Ma.K. building community is coming along nicely, as well. I hit him with some lacquer and did some washes in a darker green. He’s got a ways to go, but he’s definitely progressing. Most importantly, he lends a proper sense of scale to my walking "Hot Tube Time Machine" (thanks for that one, Lin.K). I’m sure he’ll be finished several months before the chicken walker is, anyways.

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