Mk41: The Story So Far


About a month ago, I acquired a 1/20 resin kit of a Blechmann ("Blech Mann"?) Mk41–or "Maschinen Krieger Type 41". While it’s not in the same universe as those Maschinen Krieger kits that a lot of people know and love, it does share some commonality in its design/designer. At least, that’s what I could gather based on the very limited amount of information I could find. Feel free to jump in and correct me.

I’m not sure of the legitimacy of the kit, but it’s old and it’s not bad. It came with no documentation. I’m the third owner that I know of. And I acquired it through a private sale. There were just a couple air bubbles and a fair amount of flash on some parts.


Construction was pretty straightforward. The torso had already been glued together, but it needed a lot of putty and sanding to sort out. The feet took some staring at to figure out how they actually went together, but they weren’t too bad either.

Other construction notes:

  • Replaced the resin ammo belt with a much better mechaskunk ammo belt.
  • Used brass rod (of various diameters) for the antenna, the hatch handle, the two attach points on the back, and the barrel guard on the left arm.
  • Used Tamiya 1/12 motorcycle "hose" for the cables on the arms.
  • Repaired hinge detail on the rear with styrene rod.
  • Used 1/16"(?) aluminum pipe for barrel tips on the right side of the head and at the end of the left arm.
  • Used the gun tip from some generic action figure gun for the barrel on the left arm.
  • Pinned everything (down to the knee covers) with 1/16" rod.

For the painting, I wanted that "old school" World War II look, and I tried to duplicate the paint effect I made on the Snowball S.A.F.S., but with a different color. Also, with the exception of the "engine" on the back, everything was done with Tamiya acrylic paints. For the engine, I used Mr. Color "Dark Iron". I started out by painting the entire body in Dark Gray. Over that, I painted it all in Cockpit Green. From there, I just kinda played it by ear and blended it with dirty thinner. And then it was decal time.


The decals came mostly from the Ma.K. spares bin. The unit marking, however, came from a Macchi C.202 Folgore–which I felt was consistent with the retro/Ma.K. aesthetic I was trying to achieve. Also, on the decals, I cheated by not using a gloss coat prior to applying them. A skilled modeler from a local club once said that he, instead, just hand-brushes a little bit of "Future Floor Acrylic" (whatever it’s called nowadays) directly where the decal is to be applied instead. I’ve tried this before, and I used it here. Works like a charm.

For the "panel line" washes, I used the following colors, from bottom to top: Black Green, Sea Blue, Hull Red, Olive Drab. I also used Nato Brown and Dark Gray a bit. And I dabbed some more NATO Brown around the body in various places–blotching it around with liberal amounts of alcohol (in the paint–I think the only alcohol I had was exactly one beer at some point during the build).


I think that’s about it, really. I’m going to try to work up some sort of display base for the thing, and add a 1/20 figure to it, for scale reference, but that’s about how things have worked out up to this point.


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