Alive & Kicking Update: Still Modeling

Yes, I’m still working on models. I’ve just not been blogging about it nearly as much. Or at all for that matter. I’ve got a couple of different projects that–if time willing–I need to write about. At the very least, get some decent pictures taken of and go on from there.
Currently, I’m working on a mess of a "kit". I’ve bought some "piles of Ma.K." parts from various people over the years. One such acquisition was a really horrible cast of the Zitader "Prototype Melusine". I’m not sure if it was a personal one-off that went horribly awry or if someone at Zitader fell asleep while casting. Regardless, it’s awful. Lots of gaps in the resin where the mold didn’t get filled, pieces feel a bit warped, and some of them are just plain unuseable. So… I decided to combine that with my own horrible casts of Gustav legs and Raptor guns and just make a "High Mileage Mel".
And I don’t consider this to be promoting recasts because (A) I’m not sure of the origin of this, to begin with, (B) the parts are really throw-away, and (C) This was thrown in with a legitimate copy of the Zitader conversion.
Because resin was involved, many parts were pinned, prior to gluing–some still aren’t glued down. Styrene pipe was used for the upper arms–and filled with resin, for pinning. Milliput was sculpted for the arm joints, some "bumps" on the torso, and to fill a very large gap in the front of the torso. A 1/100 B-Club hand was used—note that I decided to make him a lefty–you don’t see a lot of that.
For the leg pipes, I tried something I’d read about elsewhere, and I sort-of pulled it off. I started off with a 1/16" brass rod. From there, I wrapped thin jewelry (beading?) wire around it tightly. I slid that over a length of soldering wire (because it’s so flexible), and then covered the entire thing with plumber’s teflon tape. Not perfect, but it matches the whole dilapidated look of the mech itself. There’s some other scratch-building I need to do on this. And I’m going to be incoroporating more styrene, wire, and even some Nitto parts and a section of ping pong ball.
I’ll try to keep you posted. No promises.

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