More Mel

I actually did some more work last night…

I started off by giving a second color to those parts that had not received it already. Mostly, I used various shades of green. As part of all that, I did some work on the "gun arm":

I painted up the three launchers, the wires leading up to them, and then addressed the large gouge in the Raptor gun (which, not-so-shockingly, was the result of my own bad casting efforts). I added some depth and length to the gouge with a plain ol’ hobby knife, but the original flaws were what inspired me to add the improvised secondary weapon system to that arm. I’ve found that the Mr. Color metallic colors are entirely too thin to hand-brush, so I used a 10/0 brush to run some steel color in there, followed it with some iron color, and then put a few dabs of gold in there as well. Via the cell phone camera, you can’t see much. The effect looks quite good, however, and should hopefully be picked up better by a "real" camera–when I get around to using one.

From there, I employed the "dirty thinner" technique again–to great success. Briefly, it’s just the process of using the sediment at the bottom of the bottle of alcohol I use as brush cleaner, and blending it unevenly across the surface of the model. Even though the torso is assembled, I brushed across the individual parts separately. This added to the overall "rusted" surface look–as opposed to the more uniform coloring of a properly painted suit. It also blends in any extra-lumpy or extra-obvious brush strokes that may be present on the model.

He’s shaping up pretty well so far, but there’s something I don’t like about him that I don’t think I can change: His pose just looks absolutely life-less. He’s standing there like a freeze-frame of a loitering zombie. He might look better once I get some more work done on him, but I’m not so sure. Maybe I need to add a li’l Eddie Amsel to the scene.


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