Moving Along On The Mel

I didn’t do anything on it this weekend. The wife works overnights on the weekend, so I’m spending all my time either looking after the daughter or sleeping. Got back into it briefly last night to do a little bit of work. First, I took some mechaskunk mesh and just made it dirty:

I accomplished that by brushing on various colors, and just blowing the excess paint onto a sheet of white paper underneath. I moved the model well out of the way first, in case I had a little manual powered paint overspray. I tried using a Sharpie marker to add some darks to the mesh, but it was way too dark. It stood in stark contrast to the paints I was using. I ended up flipping the mesh over just to cover it up. That was a lesson learned.

I still need to finish up the cover piece for the mesh, but I did a test fit to make sure everything looked okay. And it pretty-well does. I also added a 1/16" metal "butt bar" to the back. It’s much thicker than what you’d find on the back of a Gustav, but this thing’s already sporting a lot of non-original equipment. I don’t think the thick bar hurts it much. Here’s how the thing looked last night before I threw a little more paint on it:

… so it’s coming along–slowly and steadily. At this rate, I should be nearly done by Christmas.


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