Is This A Hoarding Addiction?

I’m pretty sure my kits are reproducing at this point, because I’ve had several times where I’ve picked up a box and asked, "Where the hell did that come from?"

I think my Maschinen Krieger kit stash is meager compared to a lot of folks, but I’ve been buying faster than I’ve been building–and here’s the result:

(higher resolution)

… Fortunately, you can’t see the small pile of 1/48 Hughes helicopters and Tamiya pit crews. I’ve got plans for almost every kit you see there, but my plans form a lot faster than my finished kits do.

It’s this other stuff I’ve been having a problem keeping under control:

(higher resolution)

I seem to be collecting a lot more WWI and Russian WWII aircraft than I’m building, but I just can’t say no! And probably a good 20 of those kits (maybe more) were either gifts or acquired in a raffle. I can’t be held accountable for those, right? There’s also a pile of probably 35 kits not pictured. I picked those up at a friend’s estate sale. Those were just "for a good cause". And then there’s also a small number of kits in various cabinets at work. The ones where I’ve picked them up over lunch and they never made it home for whatever reason.

Yeah… I may have a problem. 

Finally, here’s the workspace–which seems to fill up with random crap faster than I thought was possible:

(higher resolution)


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