Monday Morning Mel Madness

Well… I’ve gotten to the point now where I’m on unfamiliar ground and really don’t know what I’m doing. Actually… that happens a lot with modeling.  ANYWAYS, as I’ve done in the past when I’m not sure exactly how well a paint technique will work, I pulled out the ping pong ball:

Not only do they make great anti-gravity engines, they’re also excellent for getting an idea how a particular paint idea is going to look on a curved surface. Going back to this reference photo, I thought the best approach might be to lightly dry-brush on some orange and yellow, followed by more hull red. And, after testing, it worked exactly like I hoped. Not quite as "patterned" as it is in the reference picture, but it definitely achieved an effect. Unfortunately, there’s no way in hell my cell phone camera will pick it up, so it will have to wait till I find the good camera again.

I still need to work on the "skirt" armor, but I’m not too worried about it. Hmm… Now that I think about it, testing the paint on the skirts would probably have been more efficient.

At any rate, I think this thing is going to have very minimal decals. The standard warning markings on the newer (green) parts. Maybe some WWII Russian tank grafitti somewhere on the rusted portion. I just need to make sure it doesn’t say something like "For Stalin" first–because that just wouldn’t make any sense. "Death to fascists" would be fine, though–which means I’ll need to pull out some of Safanov’s markings for his Polikarpov I-16.

Sorry… Just thinking out loud as this thing moves forward.


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