Proto-Mel Decaling

I had a chance this weekend to follow up on some of Bryan Krueger’s suggestions:

He suggested adding a stripe to the shield (I made two), as well as putting some numbers on the nose and the Russian tank marking on a shoulder "hump".

I put some numbers on the nose, from the original SF3D Gustav, to paint over, but haven’t gotten to the paint yet. The Russian tank decals were so old that Future Floor Acrylic and a paper towel was the only way I could get them to lay down properly. I tried hitting them with Solvaset decal setter, but that just popped ’em right off again. I also tried using some warning markings from a couple Wave AFS variations on the arms, but they didn’t show up at all against the green. Instead, I used some red markings from a 1/72 Haswgawa Harrier. Much better.

There’s still some work to do, but it’s getting VERY close to done now. Thanks for taking the time to read. And, as always, sorry for the lack of quality pictures.


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