OP/ED: “Go the F*** to Sleep”? Hilarious, Unless You’re Karen Zacharias

And once again, twice in less than a week, CNN.com has saddened me by promoting misguided biased ramblings.

I’m sure Karen Zacharias is a “quote-unquote ‘good person'”. I’m equally sure that there’s a lot of “cult classic” movies widely regarded as hilarious that she watches with a frown uttering “that’s not funny”. She recently wrote an opinion piece on CNN.com about why the recent bestseller “Go the F*** to Sleep” isn’t funny. While I respect her opinion and the right to hold it, I also completely disagree with it. On her twitter account, she suggested to someone that they write their own “oped”. Well, I’m doing it. I’ll just hold my breath waiting for CNN to pick it up.

From the onset, her take on the book is biased. Her whole focus is to try to fit this square peg of a book into a round hole of an agenda about abused children. Ms. Zacharias: While I’m sure your intentions are honorable, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

In fact, her piece even contradicts itself. In one paragraph, the book is “mocks the parental frustrations of trying to lay a child down to bed.” Shortly thereafter, it’s a “parody”. While she states that “Nobody is suggesting that there’s a connection between [the book] and child abuse or child neglect”, she certainly brings it up repeatedly–even closing out her piece with mention of it.

Then she brings up a quote from a psychiatrist for children and families about how we should imagine this was written about some oppressed minority. Really? This is a parody book for adults writing about the some of the humorous frustrations of raising a child. Thus, the molehill has become a mountain.

If we’re going to burn the parodies, we’d best remove all mentions of Monty Python, Saturday Night Live, and–yes–even many video games, such as Grand Theft Auto from the public consciousness. And while we’re at it, someone better push David Thorne off a tall cliff. If we’re doing away with all parody, let’s make a proper go of it.

Another quote: “his book accurately portrays the hostile environment in which too many children grow up.” No. No it doesn’t. It pokes light-hearted fun at the frustrations we parents go through in the process of trying to get our kids to sleep at the end of a long day. This book is not a guide to how to speak or act towards your children. It’s a joke. It’s meant to be a joke. And to take it as anything other than that is to do a disservice to the author. To preach it as anything else is to do a disservice to the world at large.

Ms. Zacharias: I’m not a great parent, but I try every day to be a good parent–a better parent. I try to provide a nurturing environment for my two daughters so that they shall never have to suffer. My wife borrows an ever-rotating pile of books from our local library so that we may read several books to my daughters most nights before they go to bed. This is what we’ve always done. And both my wife and I think that “Go the F*** to Sleep” is hilarious. We’re not buying one copy. We’re buying three. That way we can pass down a copy to each of our daughters when they’re raising children of their own. You see, we’re raising our daughters with a sense of humor. They’ll appreciate this book for what it is. Nothing less. Nothing more.


One Response to OP/ED: “Go the F*** to Sleep”? Hilarious, Unless You’re Karen Zacharias

  1. Mary says:

    Excellently stated. She is the type where Cigars are used to choke children, all books about anything but what she likes should be outlawed and everyone who disagrees are podunk backwards jerks (except she actually called some churchgoers asses so…).

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