Yup. This is still a scale modeling blog.

Slow day at the office. As such, I’m throwing a quick update out there on what I’m actually working on. At the beginning of August, the IPMS/USA National Convention & Contest will be held in Omaha. It’s a pretty big deal. It’s also the first time I’ve attended (okay, planned to attend at this stage) “the nats” since 2006 in Kansas City. I’ve got a number of completed projects that’ll be entered. In addition, I have a rigorous schedule of some other builds I hope to finish by then. Here’s some highlights:

My daughter’s first scale model:


It’s a snap-together (motorized!) 1/32 scale Mercedes-Benz Unimog truck. She’s painting it purple and orange–with blue wheels–and loving it. And for three years old, she’s doing an amazing job with it. 

1/76 Maschinen Krieger “Zerstover” (resin kit)


Some kits are rare. This thing is ultra-rare. Sold only two days a year in Japan, with 40 or less kits produced at a time, I’d say that there’s very few of these out in the wild. And I’m probably crazy for messing with it. Note that I have cleaned the resin in engine degreaser and shaved the excess resin. It’s ready for paint and assembly.

1/43 Citroen 1938 Rally Car


I need to re-do the wheels and the interior, but it’s otherwise very close to being finished.

1/24 PT Cruiser Convertible


I think this is a very ugly car. I’ve also never completed a car model–at least not since I was ten or so. So, this aims to cure both problems by giving it the “rat rod” treatment. I hit the chrome-plated parts with engine degreaser, but not for long enough. So it just completely blackened the chrome instead of peeling it off. It should give the rims a very unique look. This one may be the first of the bunch to be finished.

There’s a bunch of other stuff in the wings, too. I’ll try to keep this blog updated, but who knows. I’m more likely to post updates over on my twitter account. So if this kind of thing interests you, keep following. And thanks for taking the time to read this.


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