Rat Rod Progress – Tuesday

Work 8 hours, go home, lacquer PT Cruiser body/interior/underside, work 5 more hours, come home, apply panel washes. It was a busy Tuesday. Pictured below is my “spray booth”. It’s the size of a two-stall garage. In fact, it is our two-stall garage, so I need to leave the car outside any time I need to spray something.


With that being said, I’m still not completely happy with the interior. I’m going to do just a bit more work on it before I apply the final lacquer to everything, assembly, and fill the stupid screw holes in the front wheel wells. I was going to compromise a little on quality to get it done, but I now realize that what needs to be done won’t take nearly as much time as it would to stare at it and think “I wish I’d done <insert improvement here> to it”. Regardless, I put in some time on it yesterday. It should be done soon.


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