Current Project: 1/24 Dorvack Berlon

Been a LONG time since I’ve posted anything here, but this one is finally getting close enough to the finish line where I am making the leap of faith that I actually will finish it. As the title of the post suggests, this is a Dorvack “Berlon” kit I picked up from someone on the Maschinen Krieger forums (if you’re aware of Maschinen Krieger, you know which forums I’m talking about; and if you’re not, then I’m sure you don’t care).
I’ve taken certain liberties with the kit. First off, I hated the hands. Those had to go. I replaced them with some oversized B-Club hands that seem to match the fit and feel of the suit pretty well. I’ve also dumped the extra arm segments of the Berlon, as well as the cheesy weapons. I’ve given him (her?) a panzerfaust for the right hand, and on the right forearm I’ve equipped some sort of MaK-inspired dual-tube rocket launcher I’ve scratch-built. Originally, I had a MaK SAFS carrying it, but hated how that looked. On the left forearm, I’ve been slowly scratch-building a shield, basing it completely on a shield I saw on a Zaku in a very old issue of Hobby Japan. It’s just built from layered styrene sheet, with some “dents” in it provided by a 1/16″ drill bit turning to various depths.
 berlon arms 
The fit of the pieces on this kit reminded me of the very first MaK kit I tried–a Fliege–in that the fit is pretty terrible and required more than the usual amount of puttying and sanding. Overall, though, I’m happy with the way the kit is turning out. The camo(?) pattern is just something I came up with at random. Of course, I tested it on a ping pong ball first–as is my custom. You can see the ping pong ball in the background in at least one of the photos.
Thanks for taking the time to look. I appreciate any comments or constructive criticisms that you may have.

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