1:16 “Borderlands” Old General Knoxx–Complete

I’m really doing an awful job of keeping this blog updated, but I do try to jump in here every once in a while. This morning, I’d like to show a workbench picture of my latest completed project: Old General Knoxx.

It started out as a Trumpeter 1/16 Soviet(?) Officer figure, but that was boring. To give it some flash, I decided to slap on some random parts and give him some sci-fi flavor. For whatever reason, I decided to give him a likeness to General Knoxx, from the “Borderlands” video game by Gearbox Software. While my original intent had been to make him a younger General Knoxx than depicted in the game, the paint made him look considerably older. So… This is General Knoxx at the end of his career. While in the game, he’s depicted with an eye patch over his right eye, I instead opted to paint that eye chrome silver and then put a couple coats of clear red over it. Thus, I’ve given Knoxx an artificial eye. Good enough–and easier than messing with sculpting putty to make him an eye patch.

The random parts came from a few Bandai “Gundam” kits. In addition, I used metal tape to show straps for the armor. The hand actually came from a 1/144 resin B-Club set. From there, it was just a matter of painting.

The face actually turned out better than any of my previous efforts. Here’s an in-progress (not-quite-done) shot:

(any resemblance to JFK is the result of whoever sculpted this thing in the first place)

I started out painting his skin brown and then essentially dry-brushed Taimya “Flat Flesh” till his skin had about the right tone. I then just took a 10/0 brush dipped in 90% alcohol to blend in a few of the deeper features to give shadow. And even at 1/16 scale, most of it was done with the aid of a large magnifying glass. The hair was painted neutral gray, then white, then washed with sky gray. The result worked.

I also had some fun with the display base–finding some things that worked, and some things that didn’t. The wooden based was covered with various cuts of metal tape (squares, triangles, and rectangles) and then painted in Model Master acrylic “rust” and given several washes. The “floor” was just a piece of diamond-plate patterned styrene sheet. The wall was constructed as a wooden frame, and then “sheeted” with another patterned styrene sheet. Behind the wall, I added… well… what you’d find behind a wall. Wires, outlets, pipes:

On the front of the wall, I just used two “Crimson Lance” posters I’d found using Google Image Search and re-sized in Photoshop. I then just used a glue stick to stick them to the wall. The table was built out of wood, then stained with a combination stain and seal.

The gun is supposed to depict an Atlas SMG, because–as any Borderlands fan knows–the Crimson Lance are the Atlas militia. I just found a toy gun about the right size with some super-cheap action figure, added a different barrel, and painted appropriately. Honestly, it’s the worst looking thing about the whole project, which is more than a little disappointing.

The wall, Knoxx, and the table are all pinned to the base using 1/16″ radius brass rod.

That’s about it, really. Now I’m just killing time rearranging things around the workbench before I start my next project: A commission! I’ll try to keep you posted, but you know how that goes…

Thanks to Gearbox Software for creating “Borderlands”–a game that has taken many days of my life, and I’d do it all again! And thanks to anyone else reading these words right now. I appreciate you scrolling through my adventures in ham-fisted scale modeling.


2 Responses to 1:16 “Borderlands” Old General Knoxx–Complete

  1. Tonja says:

    Very cool! You are making some amazing things!

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