… And Before I’ve Finished That, Another MaK Build…

I get sidetracked so easily… While working on that Maschinen Krieger build in the previous post, I decided to paint a second “pilot”:

The second pilot was something I’d recasted from the crappy Nitto pilots that came with the original Heinrich. The details are soft, which makes painting a challenge. Coupled with the fact that I recast it in resin, and my challenges double. To give it some detail, I added a strip of brass over his head as part of the headphones, and some tungsten wire and a piece off a 1/700 Japanese ship as the mic. Then I went to work on the Heinrich.

I took a donor kit (the usual 1/48 Academy helicopter), glued, cut, puttied, sanded, and liberally applied Mr. Surfacer 500. Then I added solder wire, metal tape. and other fiddly bits of plastic from various kits. When I’m finished, he’ll be a radio/communications unit. Fortunately, radio equipment is something I know a good deal about, so there will be some real-world accuracy involved, although the “does it look cool?” rule will trump everything else.

Thanks for taking the time to look.


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